2020 Reading Challenges (to help feed your challenge habit)

Incredibly enough challenge hosts are already beginning to advertise their 2020 Reading Challenge offerings. Just as last year, I will be listing challenges as I find them to help you find challenges that meet your interests.

If you discover challenges or are sponsoring a challenge, please let me know by EMAIL (phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com) and I will link those up as well.


6th Annual Academic Reading Challenge (Reb @ Reading & Listening)
20 Books in 2020 Reading Challenge (@ Hard to Find Books on Instagram)
20 for 2020 Reading Challenge (Angelina & Cindy @ The Literary Life)
20 in 20 Challenge (Vinay R @ A Bookworm's Musing)
20/20 Kid's Travel Books Reading Challenge (Ann @ KidsTravelBooks)
#20 Reads in 2020 (Eva vs the World on Instagram)
#40 for 2020 Reading Challenge (Kirsty [& friends] @ Books, Occupation...Magic!)
52 Books by Women of Color in 52 Weeks (@Daily Kos)
52 Books in 2020 (@ Infinite Courage Coaching)
52 Week Preschool Reading Challenge (Corisa @ PNW Pixie)
2020 Book Challenge (Emily @ Harmonious Goat Blog
2020 Reading Challenge (Lindsey @ Linz the Bookworm & Tress @ The Logophile)
2020 Reading Challenge (Tiffany & Shawn @ Laughtard) 
2020 Reading Challenge (Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy)
2020 Reading Challenge (@ Foggy Pine Books)
2020 Reading Challenge (Corisa @ PNW Pixie) 
2020 Reading Challenge (@ AusYA Bloggers)
2020 Reading Challenge (@Beyond the Bookends)
2020 Reading Challenge (Rabbit Hole Blogger @ Down the Rabbit Hole)
2020 Reading Challenge (@ The Nerd Daily)
2020 Reading Challenge (@Fully Booked)
2020 Reading Challenge Month-by-Month (Kristy @ Kristy Woodson Harvey Author)
2020 Reading Challenge: 52 in 52 Weeks (Liz @ Mommy Mannegren) 
2020 Reading Challenge for Kids & Teens (Betsy @ Redeemed Reader)
2020 TBR Reading Challenge (Beth @ Before We Go Blog)
2020 Vision Reading Prompt List (Emily Sampson on Instagram)
A-Z Reading Challenge (Ginger @ Ginger Mom & Company)
Alphabet Reading Challenge (Melissa @ Savored Grace)
Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge (@Escape with Dollycas)
Alphabet Soup-Author Edition Reading Challenge (@Escape with Dollycas)
#ARCApocalypse 2020 (Destiny @ Howling Libraries) 
#Armed With a Bingo (Kriti & Ariel @Armed With a Book)
The Audiobook Challenge (Eline @ Lovely Audiobooks) 
Audiobook Challenge (@ Hot Listens)
Aussie Author Reading Challenge (@ Booklover Book Reviews)
Aussies Rule Reading Challenge (@ Doddy About Books)
Back to the Classics Reading Challenge (Karen @ Books & Chocolate)
The Bad Boys of Romance (@ Delighted Reader)
Beat the Backlist (Austine & Katie @ NovelKnight)
Bible Reading Book Challenge (Leslie @ Growing4Life)
Birth Year Reading Challenge (J.G. @ Hotchpot Cafe)
Book-A-Week Reading Challenge (Nicole @ Pretty Opinionated)
Book Bingo 2020 (Stacey @ Unruly Reader)
Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Shinjinin @ Modern Gypsy)
Book Club 2020 Prompts (@ Bloggers Bookshelf)
Book Jar/Book List Challenge (Michelle @ Gather Together & Read)
Book Reading Challenge (A Parent-Child Book Club) (Flor @ Our Balanced Mess)
Book Resolutions Reading Challenge (@ Romance.com.au)
Book Riot's 2020 Read Harder Challenge (@ Book Riot) 
Book to Movie Challenge (Michelle @ Gather Together and Read)
Bookbloggers Fiction Reading Challenge (@ Fictionophile)
Bookish Chit Chat Reading Challenge (Kat @ Books Kat Likes)
Bookish Resolutions Challenge (Michelle @ Because Reading Is Better Than Real Life)
Booklist Queen's 2020 Reading Challenge (Rachel @ Booklist Queen)
Books & Tea 2020 Reading Challenge (Lauren @ Northern Plunder)
Booktube Rereadathon 2020 (Abi Mack Reads on Youtube)
British Crime Classics Challenge (Rekha @ The Book Decoder)
Build Your Library Reading Challenge (@ Build Your Library)
Calendar of Crime (Bev @ My Reader's Block)
The Catholic Reading Challenge (podcast @ sticher.com)
'Chelle's 2020 Reading Challenge (Michelle @ WitchyBooks)
Christian Reading Challenge (Tim @ Challies)
#ClassicsCommunity 2020 Reading Challenge (Lucy the Reader)
Classic Women Reading Challenge (Louise @ Foxes & Fair Tales Book Blog)
Clearing the Hoard--Bookwyrm Challenge (@ Caffeinated Fae)
Cloak & Dagger Challenge (Carol @ Carol's Notebook)
Cravin' for Cozies (@ Escape with Dollycas)
Creating & Co Reading Challenges (Paige @ Creating & Co)
Color Coded Reading Challenge (Bev @ My Reader's Block)
Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge (Andi @ Andi's ABCs)
Creativity Reading Challenge 2020 (Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of)
Cruisin' Thru the Cozies (@ Socrates' Book Reviews)
Curious Adventure 2020 (Natalie @ Curious Readerr)
Currently Reading 2020 Reading Challenge (@ Currently Reading) 
Deal Me In Challenge (Jay @ Bibliophilopolis)
Decade Reading Challenge (Michelle on Instagram)
Discussion Challenge ( Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight)
Diverse Reading Challenge (@ Tumbler)
Diversify Your Reading Challenge (Kelly @ Mongan Moments)
Diversity Reading Challenge (@ Celebrity Readers) 
Diversity Reading Challenge (Aanya @ Books Books Everywhere)
DOI 52 Week Intentional Reading Challenge (Daughter of Increase on Youtube)
Dread & Read Challenge (J.G. @ Hotchpot Cafe)
Dymock Reading Challenge 2020 (@ Dymocks)
Dystopia Reading Challenge (Brittani @ Hope, Faith & Books)
EDIWTB Reading Challenge (Gayle @ Every Day I Write The Book)
Epistolary Reading Challenge (Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of)
European Reading Challenge (Gilion @ Rose City Reader)
Feels Like Home Reading Challenge (@ Feels Like Home)
Femibooks' Nonfiction Reading Challenge (Claire on Instagram)
FFL's 2020 Reading Challenge (@ Future Female Leaders)
Finishing the Series Reading Challenge (@ Celebrity Readers) 
First Draft Reading Challenge (@ First Draft with Sarah Enni)
First in Series Challenge (Tari @ Cuddle With a Cozy Mystery and a Dachshund)
Foodies Read 2020 (@ Spirit Blog)
For the Love of Ebooks 2020 (Tina @ As Told by Tina)
For Reading Addicts Reading Challenge--January (@ For Reading Addicts)
GenreLand Monthly Reading (Stina @ Goodreads)
Georgian Reading Challenge (Becky @ Becky's Book Reviews)
Go Big or Go Home (Annemieke @ A Dance with Books)
Helmet Reading Challenge (@ Helmet [Helsinki Metropolitan Libraries])
Here and Queerathon (@ Cotton Candy Book Witch)
Historical Fiction Reading Challenge (@ Passages to the Past)
History Nonfiction Reading Challenge (@ Hibernator's Library)
Horror Reading Challenge (Damean @ damean.net)
HSL Hindsight Is 2020 Reading Challenge (Amy @ Home School Life)
Humor Reading Challenge 2020 (Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of)
I Spy Reading Challenge (@ Goodreads) 
Intentional By Grace Reading Challenge (@ Intentional By Grace)
Ivyclad Bingo 2020 (Hannah @ Ivyclad Ideas)
Judging Book Covers Book Challenge (@ Meghan Griffin)
Kindle Unlimited 2020 (Tina @ As Told By Tina)
Kindle Unlimited Reading Challenge (Joy @ HEA Novel Thoughts)
Koffee Reads Reading Challenge (@ Heyanci)
Let's Read Indie 2020 (Tina @ As Told By Tina)
Library Love Challenge (@ Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
Literary Escape Reading Challenge (@ Escape with Dollycas)
Literary Loners (@ Readeropolis)
Literary Pickers Reading Challenge (@ Delighted Reader)
LJ Book Bingo Challenge (@ Live Journal)
Medical Examiner Challenge (Rick @ Rick Mills Project)
Memoir Reading Challenge (Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of)
Mental Health Reading Challenge (Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of)
Middle Grade Reading Challenge (Becky @ Becky's Book Reviews) 
Mom Advice Reading Challenge (Amy @ MomAdvice)
Monthly Book Award Challenge (Kim & Tanya @ Girlxoxo)
Monthly Key Word Challenge (Kim & Tanya @ Girlxoxo)
Monthly Motif Challenge (Kim & Tanya @ Girlxoxo) 
Mount TBR Reading Challenge (Bev @ My Reader's Block)
Murder Mystery Bingo (Rick @ Rick Mills Project) [starting now!]
MyLittlePoulpy's 2020 Reading Challenge (@ Anime-Planet)
Net Galley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge (Tina @ Reading Between the Pages) 
New Release Challenge (Linda & Brandee @ (un)Conventional Bookworms)
Newbery Reading Challenge (Julie @ Smiling Shelves) 
NJM Book Challenge (Nicki @ Nicki J Markus)
Nonfiction Reader Challenge (Shellyrae @ Book'd Out)
ONTD Reading Challenge (@ ONTD --Oh No They Didn't)
Out of Your Comfort Zone 2020 (Caro @ Book Cheshire Cat)
Paranormal Reading Challenge (Julie @ Julie Cornwell)
#PBN Read 2020 (Adam & Jill @ Professional Book Nerds)
The Phantom of the Opera Reading & Viewing Challenge (Cheryl @ Tales of the Marvelous)
Pick Your Poison (Gregory @ Take a Walk Down Gregory Road)
Picture Book Reading Challenge (Becky @ Becky's Book Reviews) 
Pink & Dizzy's Reading Challenge 2020 (Helen @ Pink and Dizzy)
Poetry Reading Challenge (Serena @ Savvy Verse & Wit)
Polywog's Reading Challenge 2020 (PolyWogg @ The Writing Life of a Tadpole)
PopSugar Reading Challenge (@ PopSugar) 
Print Only 2020 (Tina @ As Told by Tina)
The Purrfect Reading Challenge (@ Socrates' Book Reviews)
RAD Reading Challenge (Rachel @ Rachel A. Dawson)
Randomly Generated Reading Challenge (@Bethany House)
Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks (Robin of My Two Blessings)
Read Around the World Challenge (@ A Book Lover's Adventures)
Read Around the World (@ The Incessant Bookworm)
Read It Again, Sam (Bev @ My Reader's Block)
Read Smarter Reading Challenge (@ U of Pittsburgh Press)
Read the Alphabet Challenge (@ Do You Dog-ear? and Novels & Notions)
Read Wide Challenge 2020 (@ Roni Loren)
Read Your (Book) Shelf Challenge (Michelle @ Gather Together and Read)
Read Your Bookshelf (Chantel @ An Intentional Life)
Reading Assignment Challenge (Michelle @ Because Reading Is Better Than Real Life)
Reading Bingo (Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat)
Reading Challenge 2020 (Spill the Tea on Instagram)
Reading challenge: 20 LGBTQ+ Books in 2020 (@ Enthralled Bookworm)
Reading Challenge Card Bingo (Ally @ Ally's Appraisals) 
A Reading Challenge for 2020 (@ West Margin Press)
Reading Classic Books Challenge (Erica @ The Broken Spine)
Reading Glasses Challenge (Brea & Mallory @ Reading Glasses)
Reading Outside My Comfort Zone (Laci @ Book Pairings)
#Reading With Muffy: 2020 Reading Challenge (Shalini @ Reading with Muffy)
Reading Women Challenge (@ Reading Women)
Re-read Challenge (Jess @ Novel Heartbeat)
Retellings Reading Challenge (Tracy @ Cornerfolds)
Review Writing Challenge (@ Delighted Reader)
Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenge (@ Worlds Without End)
Romance Book Reading Challenge (Leslie @ She Reads Romance Books)
Romance-opoly (@ Under the Covers AND Peace Love Books AND Forever Romance)
The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge (@ List Challenges)
Royal Women of History (Kirstie @ Historical Love)
The Series That Never Ends Challenge (@ Delighted Reader)
Series to Finish 2020 (Anna & Tiffany @ Series to Finish)
Shakespeare 2020 Project (IanDoescher @ The Shakespeare Project)
Sirens 2020 Reading Challenge (@ Sirens)
Six Shooter Reading Challenge (Rick @ Rick Mills Project)
Slaying That TBR Challenge (@ Shalzmojo Blog)
Social Justice Nonfiction Challenge (@ Hibernator's Library)
Sofia's Reading Challenge (Sofia on Instragram)
South-Asian Reading Challenge (Fanna @ Fanna Wants the World to Read)
Spacetime Reading Challenge (Jemima @ Jemima Pett)
#StartOnYourShelfathon (@The Quiet Pond)
Sweet Southern Reading Challenge (@ Readeropolis)
Swords & Stars Reading Challenge (Kris @ Ms. Nose in a Book)
Tackle My TBR (Kimberly @ Kimberly Faye Reads)
#TBR Challenge (Wendy @ The Misadventures of Super Librarian)
TBR Reading Challenge (Mina @ Stacked) 
Tea-ology Reading Challenge (Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible)
Twenty in 2020 Catholic Women's Reading Challenge (@ Holy Hot Mess Mom)
Turtle Recall Reading Challenge [Discworld] (Annemieke @ A Dance with Books)
Tyler's 2020 Reading Challenge (Tyler @ List Challenges)
The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge (Ivy @ Ivy's Well-Used Library Card)
Unapologetically Muslim Reading Challenge 2020 (@ The Perks of Being Noura)
The Uncorked 2020 Reading Challenge (Christine @ The Uncorked Librarian)
Victorian Reading Challenge (Becky @ Becky's Book Reviews)
Vintage Mystery Extravaganza (Bev @ My Reader's Block)
Virtual Mount TBR Reading Challenge (Bev @ My Reader's Block)
What an Animal Reading Challenge (@Socrates' Book Reviews)
What's in a Name 2020 (Andrea @ Carolina Book Nook)
When Are You Reading? Challenge (Sam @ Taking on a World of Words)
While I Was Reading Challenge (Ramona @ While I Was Reading)
Wizarding World Tour Reading Challenge (Flourish & Botts Reading Group on Facebook)
Word of the Nerd Reading Challenge (Siobhan @ Word of the Nerd)
Xerpherus Reads Reading Challenge (Xerpherus @ Xerpherus Reads)
YA Reading Challenge (Julie @ Julie Cornwell)
A Year of Flannery O'Connor (Katie F. Read-at-Home Mom on Instagram)
The Year of Spanish Language (Elif @ Elif the Reader)

Perpetual/No Time Limit
The 50 States Challenge (Stina [Christina] @ Goodreads)
52 Books Agatha Christie (Robin of My Two Blessings)
The Grand Masters Challenge (Stina [Christina] @ Goodreads)

Reading Events; Limited Challenges; Group Reads & Read-A-Longs
1000 Books Project: Non-Fiction 2020 (Michelle @ Gather Together & Read)
Book Challenge by Erin 12.0 (Erin on Facebook)
Childrens Classic Read 2020 [one per month] (@ Book Hippie)
#FrightFall Readathon (Michelle @ Seasons of Reading) [Sept/Oct 2020]
Something Wicked Fall Read-A-Long (Michelle @ Castle Macbre)
Summer Reading Challenge [June 1 - August 18] (Amy @ The Messy Middle)
War & Peace Chapter-a-Day Read-a-Long (Deacon Nick @ One Catholic Life)
Winter's Respite Read-a-thon (Michelle @ Seasons of Reading)


  1. Here's another (The post box isn't showing up on the Facebook group):

  2. https://www.laughtard.com/take-on-our-reading-challenge/

  3. Where has this list been all my life? :) Thank you for the SUPER comprehensive list!

  4. Thank you for listing Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks.The site has been updated for 2020 with new 52 Books Bingo and Ladies of Fiction Bookology.

  5. This is a fab list. Thanks so much for including Delighted Reader's Literary Picker's Challenge.

    We're also hosting The Series That Never Ends if you'd like that link, too: http://delightedreader.com/2020-the-series-that-never-ends-challenge-sign-up/