Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a reminder

Oh, My!!

I just spent a few minutes going through all 24, uhh, yes, 24 of the challenges I'd entered to make sure that I had actually entered them. Occasionally I forget to go back & link my post after I create it. Well, apparently, more than occasionally since at least half weren't completed. What an airhead I am...

Anyway, all that just to remind you that many of the Linky's/sign-up forms end at midnight to review your challenges to make sure you've actually signed up!!

Has anyone completed a challenge? Are you making progress? I think I'm doing well... if only I could stop adding more...


  1. 24? Did she say 24? Let me I have my glasses on? Did she say 24?
    LMAO ok...definitely need to go to CVS....need more Depends...going to be laughing all day with this one...24? I might have to buy 2 packages 24? did she really type 24? LMAO

  2. Well, I included the valentines one & this one... so maybe 22? guess it depends on how you look at it...
    excuse me... I need to go read now...

  3. Holy cow, 24 challenges, Good Luck Gina.

    I am well into my challenges. I finished one, The Dewey Decimal Challenge which is nonficion. The highest limit was 4 books and that was easy. BUT, I only have three listed cause my forth one if for a review that cant come out until 3.1. Hmmmmmm, I could just fill in with another. I just love thinking out loud here.

    I also am about to trot on over and join the fitness challenge from Gina's blog. (get it, trot..LOL) Maybe that will be the kick in the partouse that I need.

    Have a great week all.

  4. @Senora - can't you just write the name. No need to review it. Just acknowledge it?

    Good luck trotting. All I've gotten done is driving! These indoor sports don't leave much time in my schedule for exercise nor is there room at the facilities for me to walk like I do when outdoor starts. Come on spring!

  5. I think you need to see a therapist! Your compulsion to sign up for new challenges is out of control! LOL

  6. Raising my hand...have a question.......Does reading these posts and laughing so hard count toward exercise. I am using my eye muscles and I know that I am definitely using stomach muscles because my sides hurt so much from laughing. Oh cohost...oh cohost..can I please see you in your office. I think it's time for a meeting!!

  7. Yes, Julie, I do believe you're right. Maybe I should add finding me a therapist to CMash's duties...

    @CMash - of course, it counts as exercise! anything that uses muscles so much it hurts absolutely counts. even it it's just chewing taffy... this is why I'm unable to loose any weight...