Saturday, December 30, 2023

I Think I've Got a Problem...


by N. M. Bodecker

Help! I'm getting ready to sign up for my 34th Reading Challenge for 2024 and the year hasn't even begun yet. Every year I tell myself, "Self, now you really need to calm down when it comes to challenges. Do you really need to do all of these?" And my self nods compliantly and then turns around and signs up for all the things again. I really thought I was going to trim the list down this year....

So, how many have you signed up for? Fess up! (And make me feel better about how many I have...)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Winter Challenges & Readathons

  Check in here for the seasonal challenges that become available from now till the end of 2023.

Winter 2024 Reading Challenge @Beyond the Bookends from Dec 1, 2023 - Feb 28, 2024 

 Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon @Caffeinated Reviewer from November 16-27, 2023

hosted by kamin8882 on StoryGraph (Dec 1- 31, 2023)

hosted by sydsshelves on StoryGraph (Nov 15 - Dec 31, 2023)

Monday, October 23, 2023

The 2024 Challenges Are Just Ahead!


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Are you ready? The 2024 reading challenges are popping up (especially on StoryGraph) and it's time to start thinking about which ones you want to do. Or--since we're all challenge addicts here--maybe it's more accurate to say which ones you think you might not do....

I don't know if age is creeping in on me or what... 

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but I'm not sure I'm ready to start thinking about the 2024 challenges yet. I seem to have way too many things left to read for the current challenges! But I guess I better get ready, because here they come...ready or not!

Monday, August 21, 2023