Monday, November 16, 2020

Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge & Readathon


2020 #Christmas Spirit #ReadingChallenge and #Readathon

COVID has our holiday landscapes looking a lot different this year. With states going back to more strict mandates (much needed, in my opinion), it's looking like the holidays are going to be offering A LOT of downtime. In light of the current situation, I've decided to make the Christmas Spirit Readathon run the same length as the yearly reading challenge, and they are now co-events. Yay!

Dates: November 23, 2020 through January 6, 2021

Three ways to participate:
  1. Challenge - Pick a level
  2. Readathon - read as much (or as little) as you want
  3. Participate in both!
Regarding the reading of Christmas books, for the readathon, you do not have to read only Christmas books. I am always reading regular genres along with Christmas books during the season. Please do try to read at least one though. 🎄

For the reading challenge, these must be Christmas novels, books about Christmas lore, a book of Christmas short stories or poems, books about Christmas crafts, children's books (we even have a level for them!), etc.

Reading Challenge Levels:
--Candy Cane: read 1 book
--Mistletoe: read 2-4 books
--Christmas Tree: read 5 or 6 books, or more (this is the fanatic level!)

Additional levels:

--Fa La La La Films: watch a bunch or a few Christmas's up to you!
--Visions of Sugar Plums: read books with your children this season and share what you read

*the additional levels are optional, you still must complete one of the main reading levels above

Sign up at her link above.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

I've Been a Bad Hostess


I've been a bad, bad hostess. I have to apologize to all the addicts signed up for challenges...I completely ditched my duties in updating the challenges completed page this year. But I think we all can agree that this has been a very atypical year all around. Working from home. Having to look at the same two people 24/7 for months on end. Yikes. 

The good news is...I've now updated the page with all reported challenge completions. I hope that the rest of you have been so caught up in reading while avoiding COVID that you've forgotten to report in on your challenge successes. But I promise that if you add completed challenge from here on out then I will update the page in a more timely fashion.

Zipping off now to do more reading!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Summer Reading Challenge

Amy at The Messy Middle has a reading challenge to kick off the summer.

It will start on June 1  and run through August 18, 2020. To enter, read seven books from 25 categories. Check out the link to her post (above) for the full details. Here are the hghlights....

What’s in it for you?

  • All who comment on August 18-21st with the names of the books they read will be entered to win one of ten $10 Amazon gift cards.

Drumroll . . . here are the categories!

In recognition of the graduations, weddings, medical personnel, and those in isolation who had a very different than expected first half of the year we have four COVID-19 Special Categories:
  • A book with either something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue
  • A book with a nurse, doctor, or other medical personnel
  • A book with a teacher, student, or classroom
  • A book about a pandemic or outbreak
In Recognition of the Joy of reading:
  • A Biography
  • A book I already own
  • A book a friend recommended
  • A Young Adult book (YA)
  • A book with a great cover
  • A book of poetry
  • A memoir or autobiography
  • A graphic Novel
  • A book for professional development (loosely defined)
  • A book longer than 700 pages (counts as two books)
  • A book with a verb in the title
  • A play
  • A book about a country or culture you have never visited
  • A book about history
  • A book that won an award
  • A classic
  • A novel 
  • An audiobook
  • A book with an animal
  • A book less than 100 pages
  • A book You want to discuss with others