Monday, February 21, 2011

Way to go!!

I'm not sure if anyone has been visiting our friends but...

We need to congratulate:
You are THE winners of this week's over-achiever award!

May I remind you, both, that February isn't even over yet?

For everyone else: Did you complete a challenge that I missed? If so, please, enter it on our completed challenges page & I'll make sure you too are harassed and embarrassed!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't tell me you haven't had the same question!!!!

OK..we are all friends here right?  RIGHT?  I can't hear you!!! Well if I ask a little question will you promise you won't do this:

Never mind...I know you are going to do it anyway.....but I am a wee little smidgen ok ok  I am a huge bit confused.

What do you do with books that you start reading but end up in the DNF pile?  Do they still go towards your challenges?  For example.  I signed up for a Read/Review Challeng thinking I could cross that over with my 100+ (LOL) challenge.  But can I really put it under my 100+ challenge since I didn't finish it.  But even though I didn't finish it, I still had to write a review.   Did that mumbo gumbo make any sense?  So how does this work...any suggestions? tips?  who's job description does this fall under.
    waving      waving     waving     waving    tired of waving    waving    waving   waving

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Desperate Plea for HELP! :P

I'm sending out a desperate plea for help!

Cheryl desperately needs a Kindle!
Sure she has a Sony but there are so many more free books out on Amazon than there are on Sony and Kobo combined that it would actually save her family money if she had a Kindle.
I, of course, love my Kindle! so I've been trying to think of all of the best and most logical reasons for Cheryl to own one as well.
  1. The money savings due to all of the free books -- just 20 free books and the Kindle would be paid for.
  2. Games - Kindle has several free games that can be played when her mind's to spent to read.
  3. The battery that doesn't seem to die.
  4. She could use her earnings from the Amazon Affiliate Program (both cents) to get more books.
  5. She could share with hubby.
  6. She would have an extraordinary amount of reading material to take with her on her cruise without having to pay the extra luggage charges...
Okay, I've not come up with anything good...
What good reasons can you come up with?

Monday, February 7, 2011


As many of you know. The 'Linky Tools' are down.

I really and truly understand why he feels the need to charge for the service. Brent did a terrific job of keeping things up to date & he wasn't getting a dime in return. I even think that the $24 a year fee that he's charging is reasonable. He probably spends a ton of non-reimbursed time pulling everything together and keeping it running as seamlessly as her does.

My issue is this: Why on earth would you delete customer accounts, remove all of their information and links, and alienate potential customers? Please, explain to me why on earth he couldn't take ten minutes and send his customers/users an email to let them know he would be changing the format and requiring payment for use? I'd have paid the $24 just so I didn't loose all of our info! So today, I'm irritable & have much to redo...

All of that to just let you know that it may take me a couple of days to get our linky's back up & running -- oh, & that all of the info we had in them is now lost...