Monday, February 7, 2011


As many of you know. The 'Linky Tools' are down.

I really and truly understand why he feels the need to charge for the service. Brent did a terrific job of keeping things up to date & he wasn't getting a dime in return. I even think that the $24 a year fee that he's charging is reasonable. He probably spends a ton of non-reimbursed time pulling everything together and keeping it running as seamlessly as her does.

My issue is this: Why on earth would you delete customer accounts, remove all of their information and links, and alienate potential customers? Please, explain to me why on earth he couldn't take ten minutes and send his customers/users an email to let them know he would be changing the format and requiring payment for use? I'd have paid the $24 just so I didn't loose all of our info! So today, I'm irritable & have much to redo...

All of that to just let you know that it may take me a couple of days to get our linky's back up & running -- oh, & that all of the info we had in them is now lost...


  1. I did send an email to the owner with my complaint and he was really cool about it. He apologized and helped me get back into my account so that I could fix stuff up. Overall, I'd say that that answer and offer to help will keep me from being resentful about the whole business, but I'm not sure if I'll stay as a client...

  2. Gina & Cheryl: I have completed my first reading challenge commitment by reading A-I in the A-Z Mystery Author Challenge (although I'm still reading and will probably complete the alphabet, 'cause I'm crazy like that). Here's my post showing what I read:

    Anyhoo....just wanted to let you know since the Completed Challenges Linky thingy isn't available.