Monday, January 31, 2011

Job Descriptions

CMash has very nicely asked begged ordered me to give out job descriptions. I'm not one to shirk my duties so...


It is the duty of the followers to:
  • Join Challenges
  • Read Books
  • Post about your successes and failures
  • Complete Challenges
  • Link your challenges to our Challenge Page


It is Cheryl's duty to:
  • Make bi-weekly posts
  • Congratulate/Admonish the followers as appropriate
  • Stock the Depends
  • Smile & do a parade wave!


It is Gina's duty to:
  • Enter challenges
  • Read books
  • Irritate Cheryl
  • Cause Cheryl to need the depends
  • Email Cheryl when she's shirking her duties
  • Giggle manically


  1. I'm up to 8 challenges...9 if you count the 2011 from Goodreads!

  2. Congrats, Mistress! We're so happy for you! Of course, I believe you'll be hearing exactly how much I need an intervention. Maybe I should take some tips from you? Eight would be manageable...
    We definitely count the 2011 from GR (oops, I actually didn't count that for me, but, oh, well, we don't want anyone to know that it may be more than 24, do we?)

  3. Love the descriptions especially yours Gina. LOL

  4. Gina, I'm afraid I've been usurping one of your duties...giggling maniacally. It happened when I realized you had more challenges than me.....I'll try to control it.

  5. Thanks, Bev! You're just too cute, you know?!?!
    Well, if I'm taking your place in the challenge line up it's only right that you usurp at least one of my duties...

  6. @SenoraG - does the G stand for Giggle? I can hear you laughing...

  7. I'm cute! She said I'm cute! Oh, wait, there goes the giggling again. :->

  8. I just did my own job. Joined another challenge (all Gina's fault). That makes twenty. Twenty-one if I count the Addict Challenge.

    On a more serious note, I am kind of shirking on my follower duties. I read 11 books this month but haven't joined any more challenges (trying to control..).

  10. Now wait one (darn ...OH Senora G...Paging Senora G...need a potty word here....) how come I didn't get to vote on the job descriptions...I want to laugh maniacally....I do that you realize I took out stock for Depends lmao. I , however, have been practicing the wave. Talking about the wave...when is the Royal wedding. I think we may have to cancel our trip lol. I can just see hubby's reaction to that one LOL Shhhhhhhh..don't tell anyone...there is a read-a-thon this weekend for peoples who don't watch football..think I am going to join but everytime I say it out loud....LOFE GETS IN THE WAY...shhhhh anybody else going to do it? I think Jenn's Bookshelf or Jenn's something is hosting.
    P.S. I think Senora G should be in charge of the potty mouth lingo especially for me...please..Julie can tell you...waving waving waving smiling (only allowed to smile)

  11. oops typo mean LIFE GETS IN THE WAY

  12. @Bev - Yes you're cute... Rudolph?

    Oh, and YES you MUST count this challenge! We're challenging you to complete your challenges!! Now, go read!!

    @ Misha - congrats! That's a bunch of books to finish in a month! Did they all fit into your challenges or were some just for fun because I know of a just for fun challenge... oops.

    @CMash - You can't laugh manically the depends just take away from the whole picture! How about giggle fiendishly?
    I saw that read-a-thon it looks good but well, I'll be watching futball, ugh, such is my life. On the upside though Bug's team did so well, in their winter league games that the other teams parents have requested that they be moved up a couple of age levels. The others at their age level can't handle the pressure. We didn't even cheer because we felt so bad. They've played 2 games and both they had to stop keeping score of because our boys were up by 10 at the half. It's SOCCER! They're not supposed to score that much! Oops, sorry, a bit off track.

  13. Just passing by waving........

  14. Fulfuilling my job description....passing by waving. hello hello hello hello

  15. Well hello right back at ya! And yes Cheryl, you are the Queen of Potty-Mouth (me being the Princess)! LOL

    You know, if we put a quarter in a jar each time we used a potty-word, we would probably have enough saved up by next month to visit each other (clear across the country)! LMAO

  16. JULIE!!! weren't you told to respect your elders? Naughty, naughty potty have no clue how I ish this wasn't a G rated blog lol. I stopped by to do something...darn what was it....hmmm damn these senior moments... ohhhh I think its coming back to me...yes....I got it now....I was on my way to the recliner to read and was just walking by and doing MY ROYAL WAVE... even though I wanted the manically laughing job lol

  17. I think I'm up to nine challenges so far, but have my eye on two more. So glad that I'm not the only one addicted to challenges! *waves back*

  18. @Gina...I wasn't going for Rudolph. I was trying to make it look maniacal. FAIL

    And I've been reading like a good girl (have you looked at my It's Monday post or WWW: Wednesday post?? major reading list there). AND I've almost complete one challenge....Woot.

    @Cheryl: Where exactly is this Read-a-thon? Gotta have it (not a football girl anymore...used to watch, but just don't do sports on TV--or really any TV--any more).

  19. Just did several complicated searches through google (for Jenn's bookshelf, Jenn's read-a-thon, February read-a-thon, etc)...can't find a darn thing.

  20. For anyone who wants to join in the read-a-thon for this weekend is at Jenn's Bookshelves.

  21. .........waves.........waves......waves

  22. Gina: You're better than Google! The only "Jenn's bookshelves" it gave me was for somebody who hadn't posted for like two years.

    If you all are into deadlines and set dates and such...I just found this one at Unputdownables: Now I have to decide which I want to sign up for. Maybe both! You know how I am about signing up for things...

  23. I KNOW! I love her website! Her buttons are just too cute!