Friday, January 7, 2011

Hi Everyone...Welcome New Members

WOW  There are a lot of Challenge Addicts in Bloggy Land and Gina and I aren't the only ones!!!  Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!  Come on in and  introduce yourself.  Gina and I want to make this a fun challenge, make new book bloggy friends, have some laughs with others and even at ourself.  I know I have been laughing at myself since the beginning of December.  I promised myself that I WAS NOT going to do a lot of challenges in 2011.  But did I listen?  (Now I understand why my boys never listened to me).  Not only did I sign up for more challenges (18) so far, 2 of them I am cohosting.  So, stop by often, let us know how you are doing, what progress you are making, and more importantly, if you hear of any new challenges!!! this point....if you are wearing the Challenge Addict Badge, why not add a few more challenges, right?  To help motivate everyone, how about we have a giveaway for the person who completes one of their challenges first!!  Just what you needed....another book.  But maybe it just might be a book you need for another challenge.  So get back to reading.

 But remember, visit often, you never know what we will be doing.


  1. This is such a great idea! I just joined in :)

  2. Just checking in...not making a whole lot of progress on those 14 challenges. EMMA by Jane Austen is holding up the show. I love Austen, but EMMA just seems to go on and on and on and on. I'm beginning to wish that having watched the TV adaptation (which was VERY good, by the way) and knowing what happens would count as having read the darn thing. (Yes, I know, sacrilege for readers to want a visual version to count. But I'm getting tired of her.)

    Okay, little rant over. I'll go make nice with EMMA and see if I can get her into the done pile.

  3. Wish this was around last year when I did 10 challenges. This year, I have six, which seems like plenty to me, but we'll see what else comes out.

    Thanks for hosting and putting a new spin on reading challenges!

  4. Checking in to say hello and happy weekend. Hopefully a good reading one.

  5. Lots of new members! Thanks for joining us!

  6. Hey Bev -
    I've always wanted to read Emma as well & have started it several times. Thank you so much for letting me know it's not just me!!

  7. A giveaway is just the motivation we need! LOL
    I think I am progressing well in the Mystery/Suspense challenge . Lets see how it goes.

    @Bev Don't give up on Emma please! Maybe it's just me - I am a crazy Austen fangirl :)

  8. Yvonne: Welcome!! Plan on a lot of laughs...I can already see it coming and we are only 8 days in.

    Bev: Bev? Bev? What can I say. History lesson (lol a little pun there) it amazes me that Bev reads classics for pleasure..for me that would be punishment like when I has in HS during the Stone Age.

    Senora G: Happy Weekend to you too!! And everyone else.

    Getting out the pompoms for Misha. Go Misha Go Misha...darn cane gets in the way everytime I do the split...geeeeezzz

  9. @Cheryl: At least you can still do the split. I never could. Even when I was on the younger side of 40.

    @Gina: It's not just you. I swear every time I read ten pages about 25 more get tacked onto the end. Emma is the energizer bunny of books at the moment.

    @Misha: I don't plan on giving up on Emma--she counts for waaaaaayyyyyy too many challenges to do that (LOL). And I do like Austen. Maybe now wasn't a good time to pick this one up. But having done so, I will finish.