Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come On In!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!    Come on in !!!  Don't be shy!!!!  Join the Party!!!!!!!

Let me introduce myself..........standing up.....(and proudly I may add)......I'm Cheryl from CMash Loves To Read and I am a Challenge Addict.....I said it !!!  See !!!   That wasn't hard...not at all.  

I have been stalking A Novel Challenge blog for the past couple of months gearing up for the new 2012 Challenges.  2011 wasn't a good year for me so I am even more excited because I am hopeful that I am going to do better in 2012.  I am a co host, partner, associate, cohort, Gina's my boss in this challenge.  According to my job description from last year, I am to wave and cheer everyone on.
This is a different type of challenge.  We stop by tell each other how we are doing, have some fun, and usually find out about more challenges that we can join from our own resident Queen Challenge Addict.....Bev.  If you haven't met are in for a real treat!!!.   So sign that linky, stop on by, join in on the fun and share your progress with everyone.  As of today, I think I'm signed up for a mere 19 but then there is 3 more weeks to go.  Hope to see you soon.  I'm off to see if there are any new challenges posted and to practice my wave.........

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's confession time...

Ok, Cheryl! Bev & I have just about had enough! You are just stalking!!

When I said that you just needed to smile & wave I didn't think I'd see your Cheshire grin as I'm slithering through the underbrush to the next challenge!


Someone, please, tell me that you've joined as many challenges as Bev & I!! 2012 hasn't even started yet and I've already got 23. And, Bev, BEV! Well, she's still signing up for 2011 challenges!

Come on in!! The fire's nice and toasty by the Addicts Chair. Cheryl's even trying to call in special help...

After you've joined in - Leave a comment to tell us which challenge you're most excited to participate in this coming year. Mine is the Historical Romance Reading Challenge! I just adore those books & Danielle is so much fun!!

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