Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Read-A-Thon

I know I am a tiny bit late and my boss, Gina, you know the one that tells me I have to wave.....waving.... probably going to take this out of my paycheck this week for being late with this announcement BUT better late than never, I say.  Right?   Right?  Come me out here....

Anyway ...I just found this out myself today via Michelle from The True Book Addict, who posted about it.  It starts today and runs until March 1st.  Here are the details for those who need some help with ALL of those challenges.
Hosted by Stephanie at Once Upon a Chapter

Details from Stephanie's blog:
Yes, I know...another read-a-thon. But, as I was getting ready to have another self-imposed read-a-thon anyway, this couldn't come at a better time. Stephanie at Once Upon a Chapter is hosting this one.  Here are the details from her blog:

*Will run from 2/24 (12:01 AM) to 3/1 (11:59 PM).

*If you are a blogger, please do a post announcing your participation. If you want to do all of your updating from one post, that is completely fine by me. (You can also grab the smaller button below.)

*I will be having mini-challenges throughout the week. Two for US residents and one for my international friends!

*I can’t stress this enough: HAVE FUN with the read-a-thon!

So run right on over there and sign up.   I did. to go and start reading.   
But before I is everyone?  Where are you all hiding?  Stop by and tell us what you have been up to,  your progress, what's new, just chit chat.  Lately I have been waving to myself and let me tell you, I look darn foolish, BUT, Gina keeps telling me that is part of my job description so ..........

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello my favorite addicts!!!  Just stopping by to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day!!  I hope today you get lots of love, flowers, cards and most of all......BOOKS and CHOCOLATES.  OH YES  CHOCOLATES....lots of chocolates!!!  I don't know about you but....ssssshhhhhhh  books, challenges, chocolates and ice cream are my addictions.  And I heard a rumor some where that chocolates were non fattening on Valentine's Day...can't remember where I heard that from......ooops...I just was me having a wishful thinking moment  lol

While I am here, just wondering, how is everyone doing on their challenges?  How many books did you read in January?  I read 5 books in January and 3 so far this month.  Not great but better than what I did last year.

Also, I hope you all don't mind if I tell you about another hat that I wear and that I would like to extend an invitation for you to join in case you are interested.  I am a partner, along with Molly from Review By Molly, in Partners In Crime Tours (  We are a virtual PR company for authors of mystery, suspense and crime novels.  We are always looking for new bloggers that would like to become part of our group to host and review in our tours.  If interested, you can email me at or fill out submission form on our site.  Would love to work with you.

Have a great day!!!  I'm off to read and eat some of those non fattening chocolates  lol.....