Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh No!!!

Are you sitting down?  One of our members is keeping a secret from us!!! heard me right!!!  What shall we do?   Maybe her brain is a bit tired and/or fried lol from reading Emma and she forgot to share.  So I'm thinking, since this is her first offense, maybe we should send her to:
Yes!!!  It's our very own Bev from My Reader's Block.  I saw this secret on her blog, and knowing that with all our challenges, being the addicts we are, this is one challenge we could use.

From The True Book Addict 's Site:

Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon

Not satisfied with having signed up for fourteen reading challenges, I am now going to sign up for The True Book Addict's Winter Respite Read-a-Thon. Of course, signing up for the read-a-thon should help me with my challenges, right? Because it's supposed to encourage me to read, read, read and therefore I will finish challenges more quickly, right?

Here are the basics:
The read-a-thon will last from Monday, January 17 at 12 am until Sunday, January 23 at 11:59 pm (adjust your time zone as appropriate, our hostess is on central time).

You can sign up and participate at any time during the read-a-thon...this is a flexible event. I hope you will join me for a week of reading fun!

For full details use the link above.

I'm in...hope to get A LOT of reading done and knock out some of those challenge books! I will list books I finish below with links to reviews.

I will be signing up and reading as much as I can until Bloggiesta kicks off, as I signed Gina made me sign up for that one!!!  So wanted to let everyone know about this Read-A-Thon!!!


  1. How is it a secret if I posted it on my blog for all the world to see? Because of course, all the world follows my blog, right?

    Sorry, Mom. I'll go sit in the time-out chair.

    (No, I did not stick my tongue out when you turned your back. Honest.)

  2. PS: There's nothing that says I can't be stylishly naughty.....

  3. LOL....If anybody could see me right now...I swear the "men with the white coats" would be putting a straight jacket on me, I am laughing so hard. I bet you did stick out your tongue at me. LOL

  4. Steadily getting worse in my addiction...just signed up for another one. Will make 16+ yet. Still waiting for the new Birth Year Challenge to get posted......

  5. Just thought I should let you all know that I caved in last night and joined two more challenges, bringing my total to 8. Cheryl, I'm blaming you for this since I found them on the list of challenges on your blog. =P

    Anyway, I'm going to be hunting for more challenges on everyone's blogs tonight, so that number will probably grow by tomorrow.

    And before anyone asks, I'm still feeling calm. :D

  6. CMash -- girl, the men in the coats are slipping in through the back door as we speak!

    Bev - You are my hero!

    Wow, Elizabeth - I need some of your peace!

  7. Elizabeth: We are so proud of you!! Everyone...give that girl a round of applause!!! We HAVE converted her into a TRUE addicted!!! You go girl!!! WooHoo. You watch...she will bypass all of us in the number of challenges she signs up for....hust wait and see LOL!!!! Aren't you glad you met us Elizabeth??

  8. OOOOOPS Elizabeth...forgot to ask because I was so excited....which ones did you find and sign up for from my blog?

    Gina: wrong!!! bolted that door shut just in case..its the front door I am worried about.

    Bev: I truly believe you need to blame Emma for adding more challenges...thinking she injured some brain cells lol.

  9. @Elizabeth: Yay for more challenges! Buy what kind of tranquilizers are you slipping into your morning coffee that you're still so calm?

    @Gina: Always good to know I'm somebody's hero! What was it...finding the read-a-thon that I forgot to post here and got in trouble for? *Not* sticking my tongue out at Cheryl? (Hee hee) Being stylishly naught? Just want to know what I'm doing so I can keep it up.

    @Cheryl: Definitely Emma's fault. I'm gonna be blaming her for SO many things....

  10. @Cheryl: The Off the Shelf challenge and the Outdo Yourself challenge.

    @Bev: My list of tranquilizers is too long to post here. Haha.

  11. Off the Shelf and Outdo Yourself are on my list too. I guess that's a good thing...but it means I have to read 219 books to meet the second one....