Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hello...Anybody There?

So...I don't know about you, but life keeps getting in the way of things. I'm (just barely) keeping up with my challenges...although Goodreads informs me that I'm one book behind schedule if I want to meet my "Outdo Yourself" Challenge goal of 160 books. Why do I do that to myself?

Anywhoo...I decided to steal a few minutes and see how many of you are still out there and how you all are doing on those challenges. I just signed up for another one (although Carl V. insists the R.I.P. XI is an Event and not a challenge...) which means I've got 33 on tap for 2016. I've already technically completed my Reading Challenge Addicts Challenge having completed 21 of the 33, but I won't call it for sure until we see how many I finish by December 31st. I'm a little worried about the 1001 books Before You Die (and I only have to read five before the end of the year...) and the Non-Fiction Adventure. I'm just not feeling those two this time around. 

How about you? Are you slaying those challenges like dragons?


  1. Bev asked "...are you slaying those challenges like dragons?"

    You bet! I accomplished my Reading Challenge Addict goal of completing 16 to celebrate, entered another...I signed up for R.I.P. XI:
    which brings my total challenges up to 31

  2. oh, Bev - you make me smile
    I'm so far behind & the ONLY challenge I did was the OutDo Yourself.. Guess I won't ;-(
    Miss you!

  3. See how good I am at this blogging thing...just got back to check on this. Glad to see comments from you two!

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