Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late!

I don't know about you but this month has been harrowing!
I just can't seem to catch up. To make matters worse - or at least to make me feel more guilty - today I've gotten not one but TWO emails from challenge hosts reminding me (not specifically just me) that I need to link up my posts. UGH!

So I'm here to remind all of my challenge friends that WE ARE SLACKING!

Dollycas's Just for fun Challenge for March is due in just NINE days and so far only 5 people have submitted their books.

Click the challenge icon to get signed up today!

Think that's bad, do you? Well, it gets worse!

As for the Show Me the Free Challenge - Missie at The Unread Reader was telling me that only seven people have linked up their reviews for this month!

That's shocking!?! Is no one reading the free eBooks we all download daily? AND she has this really cool prize! Who doesn't need a new book light? I know my el cheapo model is dying a slow and torturous death!

So, get to reading because you have less than SEVEN DAYS to get your link into Missie to be qualified.

So who's been reading this month? Can't you think of one book that you've read just because you wanted to? There isn't ONE book that you've snapped up just because it was free? Come on, Addicts, I expected better!!

I'd better get to reading so I can have a chance at these awesome prizes!


  1. I'm right there with you, Gina! This month has been crazy busy....

  2. I've been feeling behind too! I keep getting further behind on the memes I like to do (didn't even get today's done). But I thought it was just me and with admission season at work and "let's do an Eagle Court of Honor" all at the same time... It's good to know that others are sharing the pain...although I'm sorry that you are.