Friday, April 15, 2011

Need Help?

Are you feeling this way with your challenges?   Making progress?  Feel like you could do better? is on the way.................
Our very own, special friend Bev from My Reader's Block has found the solution and passing on the information.
The True Book Addict is hosting the Spring Serenity Read-a-Thon April 25th to May 1st.  Click to bring you to the sign up page.  Just think how much progress you could make!!!!

Thanks Bev!!!!


  1. I'm already signed up! I can always use a little motivation!

  2. Thanks to Bev and to Cheryl for helping me spread the word. You ladies rock!

  3. Michelle: All the credit has to go to the Challenge Addict Queen, Ms. Bev. She notified me and suggested I post it here. Unfortunately, I personally can't sign up because I will be away without my laptop, I can feel the withdrawals at the thought of it lol, but I will be reading, reading, reading. And of course...waving waving waving lol.

  4. Having a dense moment but what exactly is it we do?


  5. Dense moment? Senior moment? CRS? Don't feel bad...we all have them...Right now I have notes to remind me to find the notes of the notes that I have written of things I need to do.

    If you need a little help with motivation, lagging maybe with your challenges, maybe you are in a little slump...Michelle at The True Book Addict is hosting a Read A Thon (See link above)that might help. OR if you want to join more challenges...then see Bev...she will gladly help you with that. As for job description (according to my cohost is to welcome and wave) waves waves waves waves lol

  6. Hey Challenge Addicts!

    Logan and I have a new challenge for you that runs the entire month of May. It's call The All Male Review Challenge. Anytime this month that you read a book by a male author or with a male protag, you can link it to the Challenge for a chance to win some great prizes!

    Check it out. We even have a cute button!