Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am so very excited for each and every one of you!

You have chosen to embrace yourself and start moving forward in your journey of completing what you start... well, all except Bev who still hasn't stopped starting...

So, get out your paper and start your checklist!

Or, have you found that you need some help?

If so, grab some some friends and get some help.

Or, maybe you're in a boat like I am...

where my friends are...

Bev, where I need to call an intervention

Or, Cheryl, who just smiles & waves....

And then there's me.. just lazing around reading...
Or, well, actually, lately I've been, um, well, playing solitare.

I know. I know.

But it is a point in my favor that I've not added any new challenges and am NO WHERE CLOSE to 31... Hint hint.


  1. It feels good to know that I am not alone when it comes to signing up for way to many reading challenges! LOL....

    I have signed up for 19 challenges! Do not know what I was thinking. Smh.....

    1. lol we can help with your problem...we can put you in touch with Bev and she will hook you up with even more challenges lol. I signed up for 22. And I have to read the rules of each one when I finish a book because of those dreaded senior moments and CRS (a deadly combination)that I forgot what the criteria was when I signed up. lol

  2. What do you mean I'm not starting my journey to complete what I start?! I am, right now, this very minute, half-way done with my very first challenge. Okay, so I only have to read one book to complete it...but still.

    And...I'm going to go to your page and see exactly how close you are to 31..... :-)

    1. Aunt Bev have you completed this challenge?
      Bradley Hankins

  3. Hmmmm. 28 Challenges, Gina? That would be, like, oh, just three less than 31....but you're "no where close to 31." Right. Uh-huh.

  4. No where close!! I'm just proud of myself for not joining more - especially when I'm being tempted...
    there are about 3 more that I'm still considering.

    If it makes you feel better you're much closer to finishing a challenge than I am, and I'm still jealous that you finished more than me last year - especially since you read the chunksters!! There are days when I'm overwhelmed by a 300 page novel.

    1. Considering how difficult I'm finding it to squeeze in reading since the New Year began, I'm beginning to rethink my choice to sign up for the Chunkster Challenge again this year....

      My reading pace has slowed considerably.

    2. Mine too! I've been getting the YA books done but can't really concentrate on anything more --- well, I'm getting pretty good at solitaire...

    3. Oh...and just to rub it in :-) I finished my book last night. One Challenge down! (As soon as I do the review). Only 30 more to go....

    4. coming in waving...waving...waving....
      @ Bev..our Resident second, I need to clean my glasses....ok....nope...I thought my glasses were dirty but I saw it right the first time. It says Jan. 19th, as in 19 days into the challenges, and our lovely show off, I didn't say that, I meant our lovely Queen lol has ALREADY finished a CHALLENGE!!!!