Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hi everyone!!!   waving......waving......waving.....
How are you doing?  How are those challenges going?  Have you finished any more?  lol...I bet our Challenge Queen Bev has finished a ton of them.......hmmmmm..........brb................need to find something..................hold on..............  don't go anywhere!!

PHEW....OK..I'm back.  Had a little problem with the charge cards.

Every now and then I get an idea.  It doesn't happen often so enjoy this one lol.  Matter of fact, I  probably used up my quota for the year with this one  lol!!! ask....what's my idea?   Wellllllllll what do you think about this...At the end of the month, stop in and tell us how you are doing with your challenges, how many you finished and whoever has the most for the month, gets the honor to wear (drum roll please...................


What do you think?  I hear some snickers....but I bet you wouldn't mind wearing those diamonds for a month  lol!!!   OK..What can I say....too much time on my hands?  Sorry been up since 4:30am...couldn't sleep lol.

Now for the reason I really stopped by, almost forgot, using all that grey matter for the tiara.  Next Saturday, April 21st is the  Dewey Memorial 24 hour Read-A-Thon.  This is the first time for me participating but I am signed up, making my list as to what snacks I need to sustain me, checking out the books, getting enough tooth picks to keep my eyes opened, etc etc.  The link for all the information, including criteria, cheerleaders, prizes, etc are here:  Who's joining me?  I really hope some of you do so that in case someone sees me start to doze off, they can give me a good nudge lol.

Time to go blog hopping for Sunday Salon.  See you soon!!  
Oops...almost forgot...don't want the boss lady to be mad at me.  Gina runs a tight ship!!!


  1. You what? I've been reading so much that I haven't even checked to see how many challenges I've finished. I guess I'll do that, I would hate to lose the chance to be a Queen ;-)

    Have fun on the 21st. I might be a little wicked and join, too!

  2. I'm so glad you're doing Readathon! Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon was actually what got me into blogging, and it's such a great event for our community. This year I'm actually reading with 2 of my blogger friends, Kim from On the Wings of books and Steph from TheFakeSteph. I'll be hosting a mini-challenge and cheerleading, so I'm sure I'll see you online!

  3. I'm joining the Spring Into Horror Read-a-thon from April 23-29. It will be my first one, and it's pretty low stress for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of free time to read.

    I just linked up my completed challenges and was surprised to find that I've done 9/16, woo hoo!

  4. @Magaly: hmmmm..might have to wrestle for those diamonds lol

    @Kate..I heard some great stories about Dewey. Matter of fact not to long ago, a blogger posted Dewey's Rules to Write Reviews by and I saved it.

    @Darlene: WooHoo!! 9 done!! You go girl! Fantastic!

  5. What fun! Everyone is all over these challenges! WOW!
    Finally, some competition...

  6. WooHoo...I finished another one yesterday. However, that only makes 2 so I don't get the diamond tiara lol.

  7. Two? You're done TWO? We need to work on your system for completion, my lady.
    You could be like me & have a spreadsheet... for EVERYTHING!!!

  8. I will be there!!!!! And I think I'm done with a few challenges... I should probably go link those up...

  9. @ Gina; a spreadsheet? And 5 months into the challenges and you just mention it now? hmmm...thinking my cohost is a little late with that idea lol. So..........where, how what and WHEN will I see it LMAO.

    @Catherine: WTG Catherine!! (turning red...forgot we were supposed to link them up!!) What can I's a senior month (instead of moment) combined with CRS...a deadly combo LOL.

  10. FYI: Bout of Books Read-A-Thon this coming week ( case anyone needs an extra reading boost....I know I do.

  11. Ok, I've complete one challenge so far this year: The Finish the Series Challenge. I'm one book away from completing the Dystopian Challenge, too. I'm only trying to finish SIX so I think this is a fairly good start. :-)

  12. Gina, That's terrific!! One is much better than zero!!!

  13. I haven't completed any of my challenges yet for the year, but I have read 17 of the 48 books I set on my challenges. My main problem is that I've read too many books that are not on my challenges, but I'll get there before the end of the year.