Saturday, December 22, 2012

How's the 2013 Challenge Sign-ups Going?

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Hey there!  How are things going out there in the Challenge Addict world?  How many challenges have YOU signed up for?  I thought I'd cut back on challenges this year [I heard that snort...Was that you, Cheryl? or Gina?].  But....I've already got 17 on the books, including this one, and by December last year I had 18.  

Hmmmm.  Sounds like my addiction habit is just as bad as last year, doesn't it? 


  1. I can't find the 2013 version of some great 2012 challenges - are they being hosted by someone else, not listed yet at A Novel Challenge?
    - First in series
    - Seconds (in series or 2nd book by the author)
    - time travel
    - immigrant stories
    - outlander series
    - short story
    - death by gaslight
    - books won
    - nordic
    - I Want More
    - Rizzoli & Isles
    - Downton Abbey

  2. I think I did see "First in a Series"....I'll hunt and see. I haven't heard anything on the others. Will post if I do. AND...anybody else out there in Challenge Addict Land who knows the scoop on any of these, please let us know! I'm especially interested in Death by Gaslight.

  3. Didn't find "Seconds" but did find Sequel Reading Challenge.

    No luck on any of the others yet.

  4. I'm at 11 so far, not including the Reading Challenge Addict challenge! There are still a few more I'm considering.

    Last year I only joined 4 year-long challenges! 2012 was my first full year of blogging, and I guess it gave me the chance to find out how fun reading challenges are. :)

  5. ....waving....waving...
    I also said I was going to cut back, which lasted all of 2 minutes. I am up to 13 and thinking more will be posted this coming week, so we shall see. GL all

  6. Lianne....those challenges just keep singing the siren song and luring us in!

    Hi Cheryl! Waving back...

  7. :)
    I'm all over it! I've entered 1/2 as many as last year -- of course that's twice as many as I needed...

  8. Only half, Gina? We need to send some more your way. :-)

  9. Just so you was Gina!!!!! lol

  10. I did pretty good with 2012 challenges. Shall I try again? Hmm. Resistance is futile. I must enter more! hehe

    From the looks of things, it appears I really need to enter more series challenges. I keep going on like a bunny one after the other! :)

    Not sure why I'm showing up as "Anonymous" tonight, but it's The Pear Lady ( if anyone wants to visit. Watch out though, it's dark and twisted there in places. LOL)

  11. Please message my blog ( with ghost or wide open paranormal themes. One comes up in the latter but enforces sub-genres that include vampires, which I do not do! I may have to create a few going March to March or something (we need to cut the traffic jam of Jan-Dec events)!

    To answer your questions: Darlene's Book Nook took over "Firsts" & "Seconds", to my delight. "Gaslight" appears to be away; my 2012 participation needed manually adding, LOL!

  12. Does anyone know of a challenge for Gateway Award books? It's a Missouri YA award.

  13. I still haven't seen a ghost or gothic mystery 2013 activity. I found a great paranormal circle and we need peeps! :) The one paranormal (God bless them) tell you which categories to hit, including vampires/werewolves which I DON'T DO. They also seem too 'young adult'-oriented. This hidden theme is: read any paranormal you want!