2022 Challenges (to feed your challenge habit)

As I mentioned in a recent post, it's the most wonderful time of the year! It's time to start hunting for the new challenges for 2022. And to start planning the books to read (if you're into that level of of planning). I will keep adding challenges as I find them to help you discover challenges that meet your interests.

If you find a challenge not listed here or are sponsoring a challenge yourself and would like it added, please email me at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com and I will update the page as soon as possible.

2022 Challenges (one year only)
2 for '22 Reading Challenge @The Literary Life Commonplace Books 
12 Women 12 Countries @TBR Lowdown (Twitter)
#42 for 22 Reading Challenge @Books, occupation...Magic!
52 Book Reading Challenge @Reshelving Alexandria
52 Books 52 Weeks @Books & Ladders
2022 Bingo @Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks 
2022 Reading Bingo Challenge @M. Stevenson on Twitter
2022 Reading Challenge @BiblioLifestyle
2022 Reading Challenge @Bliss Books & Wine
2022 Reading Challenge @Blyden Square Books
2022 Reading Challenge @The Book Review Crew 
2022 Reading Challenge @Book Talk on Instagram
2022 Reading Challenge @BTS Book Club (Twitter)
2022 Reading Challenge @Current Books on the Nightstand
2022 Reading Challenge @Currently Reading
2022 Reading Challenge @From a Pastor's Heart
2022 Reading Challenge @The Ink Drinker Blog
2022 Reading Challenge @Instagram (Thrifty Books)
2022 Reading Challenge @Instagram (Ky Valent)
2022 Reading Challenge @Linz the Bookworm
2022 Reading Challenge @Luls on Twitter
2022 Reading Challenge @Melbourne Mamma
2022 Reading Challenge @Mindscape in Words
2022 Reading Challenge @Mrs. Laura's Lit (Instagram)
2022 Reading Challenge @My Book Friends
2022 Reading Challenge @Owl Book World
2022 Reading Challenge @Pages of Lucy (Instagram)
2022 Reading Challenge @Passive Assassin (Twitter)
2022 Reading Challenge @Patchett's Passions
2022 Reading Challenge @Prima's Book Club
2022 Reading Challenge @Read with Allison
2022 Reading Challenge @Stacked Reviews
2022 Reading Challenge @Study Good Books
2022 Reading Challenge @Tirgearr Publishing
2022 Reading Challenge @Visual Theology
2022 Reading Challenge @While I was Reading
2022 Reading Challenge @Xepherus Reads
2022 Reading Challenge @Youtube (Beaux's Books)
2022 Reading Challenge Prompts @kataramareads (Instagram)
2022 Romance Reading @Harlequin Ever After
2022 TBR @StoryGraph
The ABC Challenge @Jessica's Reading Room
A-Z and Back Again @Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
Academic Reading Challenge @Reading & Listening
Alphabet Soup Author Edition @Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book
Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge @Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book
Around the Year in 52 Books (on Goodreads) [If not able to view on Goodreads, you can see a list of the topics HERE]
Audiobook Challenge @Caffeinated Reviewer
Aussie Author Challenge @Booklover Book Reviews
Back Port Reading Challenge @Melissa Wardwell
Back to the Classics @Books & Chocolate
Baptist Classics Reading Challenge @Baptist Center for Revival
BCB 2022 Reading Challenge @Book Club Belles
Better World Books Reading Challenge @Better World Books (Twitter)
   Better World Books Reading Challenge @ Better World Books (blog)
Bible Reading Challenge @Calvary Old Bridge
Bingo @Instagram (may have more detailed title--but I'm not on Instagram & can't view it)
Book Bingo @Unruly Reader
Book Blog Discussion Challenge @Feed Your Fiction Addiction
Book Buying Ban Challenge @Rain Check & Read
Book Title Edition--Find That Word @amber_roses24 on Instagram
Bookish Resolutions Challenge @Because Reading Is Better Than Real Life 
Books About Books @Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
Books in Translation Challenge @Introverted Reader
Buchreihen Challenge (in German) @The Art of Reading
Buzzword Reading Challenge @ Books and LaLa on Youtube (also on Goodreads)
Celebrate Books 2022 @Mary Hanna Wilson
Challenge for Writers @Read With Fey
Christie 2022 Challenge @Agatha Christie.com
Chunkster Reading Challenge @Becky's Book Reviews
Classics Reading Challenge @Ruthann's Bookworld (Youtube)
The Clock Reading Challenge @Books & Blogging
Color Coded 2022 @StoryGraph
COYER 2022 @Because Reading Is Better Than Life et al.
Craving for Cozies ~Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book
Creativity Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of 
Crime Spree @Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
Cruisin' Thru the Cozies @Socrates' Book Reviews 
Cup of Tea's Reading Challenge 2022 @Cup of Tea with That Book, Please
Decades Challenge @StoryGraph
Devour Your TBR @GoodReads
Diversity Reading Challenge @Celebrity Readers
Diversity Reading Challenge @Lutken av trykksverte
EDIWTB Reading Challenge @Every Day I Write the Blog
Epistolary Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
European Reading Challenge @Rose City Reader
Fairy Tale Retellings @Once Upon a Bookcase
Family Read Aloud Challenge @Reshelving Alexandria
Four Moon Reading Challenge @Four Moon Reviews
Gaia/Nature Reading Challenge @Gum Trees & Galaxies
Genealogy Reading Challenge @The Patchwork Genealogist
GenreLand 2022 @Goodreads (announced on Youtube--1st link)
Georgian Reading Challenge @Becky's Book Reviews
Golden Girls Reading Challenge @ StoryGraph (announced on Youtube--1st link)
Historical Fiction Challenge @The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader
Humor Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
I Heart Books Reading Challenge @Ashleigh Hearts Books
It Is Finished Challenge @It Is Finished (Bible reading challenge)
Italia Reading Challenge @Thoughts on Papyrus
Ivyclad Bingo @Ivyclad Ideas
Kids Reading Challenge @Reshelving Alexandria
#kirsebingo22 @Twitter
Leadership Book Challenge @Unlit Readership
Library Love Challenge @Angel's Guilty Pleasures
Lifetime of Reading Challenge @The Book Girls' Guide 
Literary Escapes Challenge @Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book
Literary Slummer Reading Challenge @Shelf Aware Podcast (Twitter)
Manga Reading Challenge @My Manga Reviews
Memoir Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
Mental Health Reading Challenge @Prathichaya of Aliya
Mental Health Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
Mount TBR Reading Challenge @My Reader's Block 
My 2022 Reading Challenge @Once Upon a Book Blog
Net Galley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge @ Socrates' Book Reviews 
New Release Challenge @(Un)Conventional Bookworms
PBN Reading Challenge @Professional Book Nerds
Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge @Take a Walk Down Gregory Road
Poetry Reading Challenge @Savvy Verse & Wit
The Purrfect Reading Challenge @Socrates' Book Reviews
A Rad Reading Challenge @RAD (Rachel A Dawson)
Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks @Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
Read Around the World Challenge @The Book Girl's Guide
Read Better Challenge @HarperCollins Canada
Read It Again, Sam @My Readear's Block 
Read the Next One @StoryGraph 
Read the Rainbow @StoryGraph
Read Your (Book) Shelf Challenge @Gather Together & Read
Read Your Bookshelf Challenge @An Intentional Life
Reading by the Numbers @My Reader's Block
Reading Challenge 2022 @Briefly Write
Reading Challenge 2022 @Bronte Babe Blog
Reading Challenge 2022 @Comet Readings
Reading Challenge 2022 @Content Creative
Reading Challenge 2022 @Daisy Chain Book Co (Instagram)
Reading Classics Challenge @Books with Emily Fox on Youtube
#Reading India Challenge @books_chaos (Twitter)
Reading Randomizer 2022 @StoryGraph (could be adapted for GoodReads or other)
Reading With Muffy Challenge @Kohl Eyed Escapades
Reading Writers of Color @Lonely Cryptid
Reto Abejistico 2022 @Mariana on Twitter
Romance Book Reading Challenge @She Reads Romance Books
Romance Reading Challenge @All the Books and Chocolate
Romance Throughout the Year @Armed with a Book
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Challenge @Cathy Marie Quilts
Series Enders Reading Challenge @Somewhere Only We Know...
Stellar Reading Challenge @Starry Night Elf
Tackle My TBR @Kimberly Faye Reads
The TBR 22 in '22 Challenge @Rose City Reader
TBR Challenge 2022 @Blogchatter
TBR Challenge 2022 @The Misadventures of Super Librarian
TBR Knockout Reading Challenge @Completely Melanie on Youtube
Teen Reading Challenge @Reshelving Alexandria
Three Degrees of Difficulty Challenge @Words & Whimsy Book Club (Twitter)
Thoughtful Reading Challenge @Book Thoughts from Bed
Thru the Word @Joanna Weaver
TIAMD 2022 Monthly Reading Challenge @Tomorrow Is a Mother Day
Travel Reading Challenge (5th Annual) @Travel with MJ (co-host)
Travel the USA @StoryGraph
Turtle Recall 2022 (Discworld Challenge) @A Dance With Books
Uncorked Reading Challenge @ The Uncorked Librarian
Victorian Reading Challenge @Becky's Book Reviews
Vintage Scattergories @My Reader's Block
Virtual Mount TBR Challenge @My Reader's Block
Wandering Reader Challenge @She's a Wandering Reader
Webtoon Reading Challenge @Sadday on Twitter [Spanish]
What an Animal @Socrates' Book Reviews
What's in a Name? @Carolina Book Nook 
When Are You Reading Challenge @Taking on a World of Words
Words & Whimsy Reading Challenge @Facebook (monthly reading game; must join group) 
World War II Challenge @Becky's Book Reviews
WWII Reading Challenge @Lukten av trykksverte
A Year of Ace Comics @Aces in Comics
You Can Read 12 Books in 12 Months @American Lifestyle (Book It)

Perpetual Challenges (No limit or none indicated)
Mystillery Century Club @the Mystillery

Reading Events/Short-term Challenges/Group Reads/Read-Alongs/Etc.
1954 Club (week-long read-a-thon; read books published in 1954)
Book Challenge by Erin 16.0 [January 1, 2022 - April 30, 2022] @Facebook group (must join group to see details)
Book Challenge by Erin 17.0 [July 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022] @Facebook group (must join group to see details)
Foodies Read (monthly challenge--this link = January)
#HappyNewQueerRA Louise @foxesfairytale (on Twitter)
Coastal Magic Reading Challenge (@Coastal Magic Convention)
The Japanese Literature Challenge @Dolce Bellezza (January 1 - March 31, 2022)
Jurassic Journey Readathon (June) @Jura55icJourney on Twitter
Praying the Pslams (January Reading Plan) @Rachel Wojo
Read 30 for 30 @Alex & Books 
Spring into Horror Readathon @Seasons of Reading (April) 
Winter's Respite Readathon [February] @Seasons of Reading

Summer Reading Challenges
Adult Summer Reading Challenge @Beyond the Bookshelf
AHA Summer Reading Challenge @the American Historical Association
Inter-Readathon Summer Reading Challenge @Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon
#Read the Bible (Youtube)
SciFi Summer (amexia @StoryGraph)
Summer Book Bingo @Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams
Summer Reading Challenge (eilidh is reading @StoryGraph)
Summer Reading Challenge @Bookcase & Coffee
Summer Reading Challenge @Messy in the Middle

Fall Reading Challenges
Autumn Reading Challenge @Lukten av trykksverte
Fall 2022 Reading Challenge @Beyond the Bookends
Fall 2022 Reading Challenge @BuzzFeed Books (Instagram)
Fall Reading Challenge @Bit About Books
Mood Reader Fall TBR Challenge @Storygraph
Something Wicked Fall @Castle Macabre
Trevor Project Reading Challenge @Facebook (private group)

Help for finding challenges that fit you


  1. Thank you for listing the 52 books in 52 weeks challenges. Kiss, kiss.

    1. I created one more monthly challenge - Books about Books Bookology - and updated the blog for 2022. If you wouldn't mind listing the main challenge Read 52 books in 52 Weeks.

      Also noticed with Crime Spree - listing has part of the blog name missing.

      Thanks! You're the best!

  2. Thank you so much for adding my challenge!

  3. Thanks for posting the Bob on Books 2021 Reading Challenge. The new Bob on Books 2022 Reading Challenge is up at: https://bobonbooks.com/2021/12/16/bob-on-books-2022-reading-challenges/

  4. Hey Bev. I noticed you listed A to Z and Back again under Cathy Marie Quilts and that's my A-Z Z-A challenge. She's just joining in. I updated the name on website which is what probably created the confusion. Appreciate if you could fix that. Thanks!

  5. Hi Bev, having so much fun reading through all the different challenges and finding new ones to do. Thanks for doing this.

    I just discovered an oops.

    A-Z Z-A @Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
    A to Z & Back Again Challenge @Cathy Marie Quilts

    I renamed A-Z Z-A to A to Z and Back Again. Cathy signed up for it and copied over to her blog, posting she will be participating. Not sure how it ended up here showing as her challenge. Appreciate it if you could fix. Thanks ever so much. Robin

  6. Robin: I think I got it fixed.

    Bob: have made sure the link is to the 2022 challenge

  7. I co-manage the Travel Reading List Challenge and would love to be added to your list.
    Here it is: https://libromaniacs.com/2022-travel-reading-list-challenge/

  8. Hi Bev!Thank you so much for adding my challenge at Comet Readings. I'm so thrilled and hope you'll join us! :) Elisabeth

  9. The Fanfic Reading Challenge is back for another year!