2023 Challenges to Feed Your Reading Habit


Apparently--It's time to start hunting for the new challenges for 2023. And to start planning the books to read (if you're into that level of of planning). I will keep adding challenges as I find them to help you discover challenges that meet your interests.

If you find a challenge not listed here or are sponsoring a challenge yourself and would like it added, please email me at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com and I will update the page as soon as possible.
2023 Challenges (one year only)
2023 #TBRChallenge @The Misadventures of Super Librarian
2023 StoryGraph Challenges (link to find all new challenges on StoryGraph--I have listed a few below)
2023 ABC Challenge  @StoryGraph
2023 Book Bingo @kt_elder on Instagram
2023 Challenge (Cozy Mysteries) @Cozy Mystery Reading Challenges
2023 Challenge @Maximum Fun
2023 Classics @StoryGraph
2023 Indie Challenge @Ninja Book Box
2023 New Release Challenge @(Un)Convential Bookworms
2023 Reader Resolutions @Premiers Reading Challenge Wa
2023 Reading Challenge kaci_read@StoryGraph
2023 Reading Challenge @Everything Raisa's on YouTube
2023 Reading Challenge @literally.bookish on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge @Massachusetts Center for the Book
2023 Reading Challenge @daddy_cassian on Twitter
2023 Reading Challenge @thebiasedbibliophile on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge @kikisbow on Twitter
2023 Reading Challenge @bookish.kir on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge @House of Baku on Twitter
2023 Reading Challenge @Linz the Bookworm
2023 Reading Challenge @Copper Dog Books 
2023 Reading Challenge @ Science Mama on Youtube
2023 Reading Challenge @Overeducated Women with Cats on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge @Live Lib (in Russian)
2023 Reading Challenge @Xepherus Reads
2023 Reading Challenge @BTS Book Club on Twitter
2023 Reading Challenge @A Baker's Perspective
2023 Reading Challenge @Blydyn Square Books
2023 Reading Challenge (in Spanish) @Librería mi libro mx on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge (manga) @anime_planet
2023 Reading Challenge @Moms Who Create
2023 Reading Challenge @BlackwellsManchester on Twitter
2023 Reading Challenge @moonshinemagpie on turnpik
2023 Reading Challenge @yeehawhunnyreads on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge @A Tale of Two Pages
2023 Reading Challenge @Book Banter Cafe
2023 Reading Challenge @Claire on Twitter
2023 Reading Challenge @booktalketc on Instagram
2023 Reading Challenge @Current Books on the Nightstand
2023 Reading Challenge @Melbourne Mama
2023 Reading Challenge for Kids @We Read Tween Books
2023 Romance Reading Challenge @Never Enough Novels on Instagram
2023 Thoughtful Reading Challenge @Book Thoughts From Bed
2023 Upside Down COYER @Because Reading Is Better Than Real Life
12 Tomes in 12 Months @Kelly Savage Books on Instagram
20 Books by Black Men @asoulversation on Instagram
'23 and Me: The Books That Made Me @brookes.infinite.books
23 Books for 2023 @bronnamarie31 on Instagram
23 Classics for 2023 @Shelly Swearigen on Youtube
23 for 2023 @emandherbooks
26 Books with Brenslibrary @brenslibrary on Instagram
4X Reading Challenge @Flow Magazine (originally in Dutch)
40 Book Reading Challenge @Once Upon a Book Club
50 Books a Year Reading Challenge (The Nerdy Bookworm)@Emily the Book Nerd
The 52 Book Club's Challenge @The 52 Book Club
52 Books in 52 Weeks @The Creative Muggle
52 Week Reading Challenge @Etsy (one with prompts or build-your-own)
1000 Book Project: Banned Books 2023 @Gather Together & Read
A-Z Reading Challenge Marin Johnson @Instagram 
A-Z Reading Challenge @ZooLoo's Book Diary
A to Z #Indie Fantasy Reading Challenge @tlprice_author on Instagram
Academic Reading Challenge @Reading & Listening
Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge @Escape With DollyCas Into a Good Book
Alphabet Soup Authors Edition @Escape With DollyCas Into a Good Book
Around the World Reading Challenge @Mom's Small Victories
#Arya's Book Challenge 2023 @arya_respira_libri (in Italian)
Audiobook Reading Challenge @Caffeinated Reviewer
Backleast Reader Challenge @The Bookwyrm's Hoard
Better World Books Reading Challenge @Better World Books on Twitter
Bible Reading Challenge @Growing 4 Life
Bible Reading Challenge (3rd Annual) @Ohio Conference of 7th Day Adventists
Bibliolifestyle Reading Challenges (various) @Bibliolifestyle
Bingo Reading Challenge @My Reader's Journey
Bookaholics Book Club @Bookaholics Book Club on Instagram
Book Bingo @Katebethanreads on Instagram 
Book Bingo 2023 @Unruly Reader
Book Bingo for Adults @Peanut Blossom
Book Blog Discussion Challenge @Feed Your Fiction Addiction
The Book Love Book Challenge @booklovethebookshopofsenoia on Instagram
Book Nerds with No Shelf Control on Facebook (private group, must join to view challenge)
Book Voyage Read Around the World @The Book Girls' Guide
Bookbot Reading Challenge @bookbotkids.com
Bookish Books Reading Challenge @Bloggin' 'bout Books
Bookish Jay & the Redolent Mermaid Challenge @The Redolent Mermaid & Bookish Jay
The Bookstore Challenge @The Bookstore Podcast
Buzzword Reading Challenge @booksandlala on Storygraph
Calendar of Crime @My Reader's Block 
Challenge Our Shelves 2023 @Curious Squirrel Books on Instagram
Children's Classic Bookopoly @book_bath on Instagram
Christian Spirituality Reading Challenge @The Center for Baptist Renewal
Classics Reading Challenge @Tea & Ink Society
The Clock Reading Challenge @Jo Linsdell Books & Blogging
Craving for Cozies @Escape With DollyCas Into a Good Book
Creativity Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
Cruisin' Thru the Cozies @Socrates' Book Reviews
Cup of Tea's 2023 Reading Challenge @Cup of Tea with That Book, Please
The Cure Reading Challenge @The Next Best Book Blog
Decades Reading Challenge @The Book Girls' Guide
Disney Reading Challenge @Reading for the Thrill on Instagram
Diverse Reading Challenge @Becky Halliburton on Twitter
Diversity Reading Challenge @Celebrity Readersr
Diversity Reading Challenge @The Smell of Ink/Lukten av Trykksverte  
EDIWTB Reading Challenge @Every Day I Write the Book
Epistolary Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of 
European Reading Challenge @Rose City Reader
F & F 2023 Reading Challenge @Friends & Fiction Official book Club
Family Read Aloud Challenge @What We Do All Day
Fated Romance Reading Challenge @fatedromance on Instagram
The Feminist Reading Challenge @livs.literary.nook on Instagram
Four Moon Reading Challenge @Four Moon Reviews
The Free Black Women's Library Reading Challenge @thefreeblackwomenslibrary on Instagram
G3 Reading Challenge @G3 Ministries
Gagents of Chaos Reading Challenge @Gage_Greenwood on Twitter
Gaia/Nature Reading Challenge @Gum Trees & Galaxies
GenreLand by Stina on Goodreads
Global Book Nook 2023 @readingwithashleigh on Instagram
Globetrotter Challenge @GlobetrotterAthon on Twitter
Golden Girls Reading Challenge @Rachel Fryman on Youtube
The Graphic Novel Book Club Reading Challenge @TheGraphicNovelBookClub on Instagram
Harry Styles Reading Challenge @moona in my post-concert depression era on Twitter
Horror Reading Challenge @splatterelli on Instagram
HPOOTP Flourish & Botts on Facebook (private group)
I Am Going Graphic Reading Challenge @ablueboxfullofbooks on Instagram
Humor Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
Jew It Yourself @ad.astra.per.libros on Instagram
Journey to Lysandra's Cottage @SoulfullyAlex and instalovewithbooks on Instagram
Judge a Book by Its Cover Challenge @Kuna books on Instagram
Läsutmaning 2023 @selmastories on Instagram (appears to be in Swedish)
Library Love Challenge @Angle's Guilty Pleasures AND Books of My Heart
Lifetime of Reading Challenge @The Book Girls' Guide
Literary Escapes Challenge @Escape With DollyCas Into a Good Book
The Literary Lamb Reading Challenge @The Literary Lamb (color-oriented)
Living Single Reading Challenge @DALitMamas on Instagram
LGBTQ+ Challenge @OnceUponABkcase on Instagram
Memoir Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of 
Mental Health Reading Challenge @Whatever I Think Of
Mount TBR Reading Challenge @My Reader's Block
Mr. D Reads Challenge @mrd_reads on Instagram
Muslim Author Reading Challenge @tamaraschronicles on Instagram
NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge  @Socrates' Book Reviews
The Oxfam Reading Challenge @Oxfamshops on Instagram
Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge @Take a Walk Down Gregory Road
Poetry Reading Challenge @Savvy Verse & Wit
Pro Book Nerds Reading Challenge @Professional Book Nerds
Project Backlist @Reader Voracious
The Purrfect Reading Challenge @Socrates' Book Reviews 
RAD Reading Challenge @Rachel A. Dawson
Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks Robin@Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
   With 52 Books Bingo
Read Along With Us @novelneighbor on Instagram
  OR on their blog The Novel Neighbor
Read & Discover 2023 @Fully Booked
Read Around the USA @The Book Girls' Guide
Read Around the World Challenge @Read Around the World Challenge
Read Around the World Challenge @Paperbacks & Ponytails on Youtube
#ReadBetter Reading Challenge @HarperCollins CA on Twitter
Read Broadly 2023 @StoryGraph
Read Christie 2023 @official Agatha Christie site
Read Harder @Book Riot
Read More Debuts! @2023 Debuts on Instagram
#ReadQueerly Reading Challenge @Enthralled Bookworm
Read What You Own @Happy for Now on Youtube
Read Your Shelf Challenge @Gather Together & Read
Reading by the Numbers @My Reader's Block 
Reading Challenge @M. Judson Booksellers
Reading Challenge @BookBeom Club on Twitter
Reading Challenge Destiel Edition @kikiatthemirror on Tumblr
Reading Challenge 2023 @Booklist Queen
Reading Challenge 2023 @hyperbole/Trish on Instagram
Reading Challenge 2023 (in Italian) @bibliotecsanvalentino
Reading Challenge 2023 @Fully Booked Online
Reading Challenge 2023 @Blog Chatter (Ruchika Sandell)
Reading Challenge 2023 @The Black Experience 
Reading Challenges 2023 @Robin Woods Fiction
Reading Refresh Challenge @Kensington Books
Reporter's Challenge @The Challenge Factory on Goodreads
(Re)Start Reading Challenge @readtheroomjess on Instagram
Rip-Roaring Readathon @The World of David Walliams
Roll to Read @The Literary Dispatcher on Instagram
Romance Book Reading Challenge @She Reads Romance Books
Romance Reading Challenge @That's What I'm Talking About
Romance Trope Bingo @bookish_angie on Instagram
Romanceopoly @romanceopoy.com 
#RomBkBingo and #MBkBingo @M on hiatus on Twitter
The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge @Katie Is Reading on Youtube
Rory Gilmore Book List Challenge @The Literary Lifestyle
Series Catch-Up @flickeringfandom on Instagram
Series Enders Reading Challenge @Somewhere Only We Know
SFF Title Challenge @A Dance with Books
Shimmering Worlds Reading Challenge @afantasysky on Instagram
Short Story Reading Challenge @Short Story Book Club
Shrink Your TBR 2023 @StoryGraph 
Skulk & Scurry Reading Challenge @the.well.read.labrador on Instagram
Somberhoney 2023 Reading Challenge @Somberhoney on Youtube
Stacking the Series @flickeringfandom on Instagram
Stellar Reading Challenges @Starry Night Elf
Tackle My TBR: 25 Days of Manga @Shaegeeksout on Youtube
Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge @Kimberly Faye Reads
Tackling My TBR in '23 @sarah.wallace.writer on Instagram
TBNT Book Challenge 2023 @TBNT Books on Instagram
#TBR20in23 @eastofreaden on Instagram
   aka #RomWrites: Blogchatter Reading Challenge 2023
TBR Knockout Challenge @Completely Melanie on Youtube
The TBR Pile Challenge @Roof Beam Reader
TBR Scavenger Hunt @marinemilyjohnson on Instagram
This or That Challenge @Shh, I Am Reading
Thrifty Thursday Challenge @Books of My Heart
Tropes of 2023 @booksinthecave on Instagram
Turtle Recall 2023 (Reading Thru Discworld) @A Dance with Books
Uncorked 2023 Reading Challenge @The Uncorked Librarian [Caveat: please note that they say "do not cut and paste any part of this Uncorked Reading challenge on another website." I assume this includes doing so to track the challenge on your own blog, etc.]
Unlocking the Past Reading Challenge @Crystal Caudill (includes 2023 prompts, though says 2022)
The Unread Shelf Project @theunreadshelf on Instragram
Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt @My Reader's Block 
Victorian Reading Challenge Part 1 @rmione.books on Instagram
Victorian Reading Challenge Part 2 @rmione.books on Instagram
Vintage Book Club 2023 Reading Challenge @Vintagebookclub on Instagram
The West Wing Fic Reading Challenge @JessBakesCakes on Twitter
We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joel lyrics-based challenge) @erraticelle on Instragram
What an Animal Reading Challenge @Socrates' Book Reviews
What's in a Name 2023 @Carolina Book Nook
When Are You Reading Challenge @Taking on a World of Words
Women in Classic Literature on Instagram (apparently; in German)
World Builders Book Club @quartzenart on Instagram
The X-Files Reading Challenge (season three) @Facebook (linked) and searchable on StoryGraph
The Year-Long Scavenger Hunt @Birdie's Book Nook

Perpetual Challenges (No limit or none indicated)
Mystillery Century Club @the Mystillery
Reading Events/Short-term Challenges/Group Reads/Read-Alongs/Etc.
20 Books of Summer '23 @746 Book (June 1 - September 1)
#30 Days Wild 2023 @StoryGraph (June 1 - July 1)
2023 Classic Film Reading Challenge @Out of the Past (May 20 - September 15)
2023 Fall Reading Challenge @BiblioLifestyle (Sept - Nov)
2023 Hugo Preparedness @StoryGraph (Jan 1 - March 15)
2023 Sci-Fi Readathon @Seasons of Reading (June 2023)
2023 Summer Reading Challenge @Bibliolifestyle (June 1 - August 31)
2023 Summer Reading Challenge @The Messy Middle (June 1 - August 11)
Adult Summer Book Challenge @Beating the Bookends (Memorial Day - Labor Day)
AHA Reads 2023 @AHA Perspectives on History (June 1 - Labor Day)
Autumn Reading Challenge @The Smell of Ink/Lukten av Trykksverte (Sept 1 - Nov 30)
Book Challenge by Erin 18.0 @Facebook [must join group to participate] (Jan 1 - Apr 30)
Book Challenge by Erin 19.0 @Facebook [must join group to participate] (Jul 1 - Oct 31) 
Bout of Books @Bout of Books (Aug 21 - Aug 27)
Fall 2023 Reading Challenge @Beyond the Bookends
Feminist Book Club @Feminist Book Club
Fun Summer Reading Challenge for Adults @The Literary Lifestyle (Jun - Aug)
2023 George Eliot Readalong @One Catholic Life
January Foodies Read @Based on a True Story (can follow for future months)
The Japanese Literature Challenge @Dolce Bollezza (Jan & Feb)
NonFiction Bingo Summer 2023 @Storygraph & Instagram (June 1 - Aug 31)
Rapid Readers Book Club on Facebook (must join private group to participate)
Read the Rainbow @Book List Queen (Memorial Day - Labor Day)
Read What You Own @shaegeeksout on Instagram (Jan - Mar)
R.I.P. XVIII on Twitter & Instagram (Sept 1 - Oct 31)
Skeleton Key's Mysterious MAYhem 2023  @Stina Branson's Blog on Goodreads (May15-28)
Spring 2023 Reading Challenge @Beyond the Bookends
Spring into Summer @andireadsromance on instagram (May 1 - August 31)
Summer 2023 Reading Challenge @52 Book Club (also private group on Facebook)
Summer Reading Challenge @The Book Muse (Jan, Feb & next Dec) [winter for the northern hemisphere]
Summer Reading Challenge @Bit About Books (May - July) 
Summer Reading Challenge for Adults @Brewing Writer (June, July, August)
Winter Bingo @Chapters Bookshop (Jan - Mar)
Winter Reading Challenge @Our Tiny Nest (Dec - Mar 2024)


  1. This is awesome!! I haven't started thinking about it yet but I definitely should :)

  2. Hello challenge seekers. Thanks to Bev for posting The Mystillery challenges above. I invite you all to check them out, they may be a good fit for you, especially if you are a mystery lover!

  3. Thank you so much for including our challenges!!

  4. WOW! This is a great list. Thanks so much for compiling it. New Year's Day is coming up quickly and it's time to start thinking about which ones to participate in for 2023.

  5. Definitely coming back to this page for 2024 challenges!