Reading Challenge Addicts 2020

Link up here to declare your addiction to that beautiful thing: The Reading Challenge.  Reading Challenges of all sorts and sizes.  Those that require you to read certain genres. Those that want colors or animals or certain kinds of words in the title.  Those that help you tackle your TBR piles and those that seem to encourage you to add more to the stacks.  You got 'em we want to know about 'em.  Help us feed our Reading Challenge mania and join in to offer support and encouragement along the way.  

Check out the "About" page to see what levels of addiction we support and to help you design a sign-up post.

Let us know who you are (Go on, say it with us: "Hi, my name is Bev, and I'm a Reading Challenge Addict." There, see, not too hard.), a link to your sign-up post, and an email address in the Form below. New challengers welcome until November 1, 2020.

And...since I can't figure out a way to make the form show us who our fellow Addicts are, I'm going to keep a running list and out you all. 

Reading Challenge Addicts Not-So-Anonymous
Bev @ My Reader's Block

Cheryl @ CMash Loves to Read
Avid Series Reader
Rekha @ The Book Decoder
Eden @ Eden's Reading Corner
Nessa on Goodreads
Tina @ As Told by Tina
Chrissie @ In My Dreams Awake
Jane @ Jane Reads
Beth @ Mama Llama Book Bang
Julie @ Julie Cornwell


  1. Here I am this year and raising my hand that, YES!! I am a Challenge Addict. Last year at this time I was very ambitious and overzealous and signed up for way too many challenges. This year I plan on containing myself, well, at least I'm going to try!!! LOL

  2. Hi Cheryl (waves). I'm going to try and contain myself too. LOL. We all know how that goes...

  3. I am ABSOLUTELY a challenge addict, with no hope or desire for recovery. Since discovering the world of reading challenges in June of 2018 (as I have said, where had they been all my life??), I have completed 92 challenges, ranging from monthly to yearly to open-ended deadlines. I have done all my challenges thus far on GoodReads, so I was ecstatic to find another outlet for my severe problem. :)

  4. Hi I'm Beth (aka MamaLlama) and I'm an addict. Until recently I was not aware that reading challenges were "a thing". My daughter told me about a couple she was participating in, and I was intrigued. She sent me a master list of 2020 challenges, and then I spent a wonderful month (December) reseraching and choosing what I was most interested in. I think my dsignation for addiciton is: On the Roof: Easy as Pie: 1-5 Challenges (Entered & Completed) but I think that remains to be seen. Here is what I've signed up for so far.
    BBS 2020 Challenge
    RRRC January Word Hunt
    RRRC Yahtzee
    My own personal challenge

    We'll see where it all ends.

  5. After taking a break from reading challenges, I am back this year. I am doing 5 challenges this year. You can see them here on the blog:

    Best, and happy reading.