Monday, March 26, 2012

And The Race Is On...

We're rounding out the first quarter of the race and Bev @ MY READER'S BLOCK is in the lead!

Followed closely by: Susan @ AVID SERIES READER and Jane @ Jane's Book Blog.

It's a close race - but will someone come from behind to take it?

Definitely not our hosts... who are showing great deficiencies in this race... they're probably doped up on caffeine & sugar, better known to some as Dunkin' Donuts.


Of course, this means that even though the weather is AWESOME we are so not in our swimsuit season best (LOL!).

But that's ok.

We've got our mountainous TBR piles with lists to complete our challenges... I think.

No WAIT!!!!


Finally, ONE down! Hmmm, how about you?

We're now a quarter of the way through... have you finished anything, yet?

Or are you like us - just trying to hit them all?


  1. WTG Gina!!
    I only finished 1. :( I'm hitting them all.
    Bathing suits...I'm going to be in one next month and trying to lose some weight before that happens LOL. So if you hear about a tsunami in will because of me going in the water LOL.

  2. Wow you're all amazing! Since I signed myself for this challenge the only thing I did was add another 4 challenges to my list and get into another level of doom XD

  3. Lol - like Topcho, I've only added more challenges. I haven't finished any yet.

  4. Mmm. Dunkin Donuts. Ours left town...taking the best hot chocolate with them. Not good. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone but I just stopped by to log another completed challenge....)

  5. R U Serious? I'm not sure if the DD or Challenge bothers me more...

  6. Yes. On both counts. And I was horrified to find that Dunkin Donuts closed up shop. I loved their hot chocolate.