Monday, February 14, 2011

A Desperate Plea for HELP! :P

I'm sending out a desperate plea for help!

Cheryl desperately needs a Kindle!
Sure she has a Sony but there are so many more free books out on Amazon than there are on Sony and Kobo combined that it would actually save her family money if she had a Kindle.
I, of course, love my Kindle! so I've been trying to think of all of the best and most logical reasons for Cheryl to own one as well.
  1. The money savings due to all of the free books -- just 20 free books and the Kindle would be paid for.
  2. Games - Kindle has several free games that can be played when her mind's to spent to read.
  3. The battery that doesn't seem to die.
  4. She could use her earnings from the Amazon Affiliate Program (both cents) to get more books.
  5. She could share with hubby.
  6. She would have an extraordinary amount of reading material to take with her on her cruise without having to pay the extra luggage charges...
Okay, I've not come up with anything good...
What good reasons can you come up with?


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM LMAO!!!!!!!! are toooooooo funny. I am doubled over laughing so hard. Except for one minro problem...we aren't going on a cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL We are flying to Aruba for a week. OMG...I can't stop laughing. I was thinking of putting a pile of books in the hallway (approx 15 even though I know I won't read them all) and telling hubby that those needed to be packed lol.

  2. Laughing so hard forgot to tell you...get this one...I can't be an affiliate of Amazon. RI doesn't allow it. RI senators think I may become a millionaire and they won't get their cut lol.

  3. Are you serious?!?! Now that IS too funny!!
    why won't you read them all? It's only 15?!?! You're not really planning to see anything are you?

  4. Question: Why does anyone need a reason to get a Kindle?

    Just get one darn it. I have one and a Nook too and I still want a Nook Color!

    Do you have a smartphone? You can get a kindle/nook app free and it does all the same stuff.

    I want to go to Aruba. I am freezing my badorkus off here.

  5. It's only a over $100 AND you can get FREE books from the library and from your friends (through the lending program), which in the end will cut down on actual book costs ... right? :)
    (from someone who's hoping for a Nook Color or Kindle for her upcoming birthday)