Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't tell me you haven't had the same question!!!!

OK..we are all friends here right?  RIGHT?  I can't hear you!!! Well if I ask a little question will you promise you won't do this:

Never mind...I know you are going to do it anyway.....but I am a wee little smidgen ok ok  I am a huge bit confused.

What do you do with books that you start reading but end up in the DNF pile?  Do they still go towards your challenges?  For example.  I signed up for a Read/Review Challeng thinking I could cross that over with my 100+ (LOL) challenge.  But can I really put it under my 100+ challenge since I didn't finish it.  But even though I didn't finish it, I still had to write a review.   Did that mumbo gumbo make any sense?  So how does this work...any suggestions? tips?  who's job description does this fall under.
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  1. Well...I started *Zorro: A Novel* for my A-Z Reading Challenge. I did not (no make that could not...would rather eat Brussels Sprouts than finish this book) finish it and so I felt like I couldn't count it. I figure if I say I'm going to read a book for a challenge, then I have to read the whole thing or it doesn't count. That would be one reason why I finished *Emma*...that and I'm a classics geek. But that's my reading challenge ethics...doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

  2. I count 'em, absolutely. You picked it up, you read part, you decided it wasn't worth finishing. I usually note those with an asterisk thingy when I post them on my lists, my general hope is that I'll go over enough that those DNFs won't matter, but I still think you get credit!

  3. For me it depends on how much I read. If I read enough to write a review then I'd count it but if I couldn't get past the first few chapters then I won't.

  4. OK...So i took all answers into serious consideration and.........I like Cat's answer plus she is the Librarian so she is the expert when it comes to books. YAY Cat!!! waves....waves...need to update challenge pages...waves...waves....Thank you Cat...waves..waves...think I am getting carpal tunnel waves waves waves...

  5. Like Bev, I only count the ones I finish. I'll sometimes write a review for the DNF titles and explain why I didn't finish them, but I don't count them towards my challenges. That's just me though, and Cat's asterisk idea sounds good too.

  6. I was actually thinking this same thing. Not that I am one to not finish books but it could happen. :) Ok fine, I have put down more than I've read lately. There, do you all feel better now?

    I think IF I read a good bit maybe I would count it otherwise nahhh.

    But cheryl, you do what you feel is best and don't let your conscience bother you, it's not really cheating. LMAO